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  1. Get null value in jsp from config implicit

    Hi everyone
    In below code I get null value form initParameter in web.xml and my url address is : http://localhost:1002/Learnig_moudle/jspconfig/config.jsp

    <% String driver =...
  2. How web container creates Java objects

    I see following quotes "An object of ServletContext is created by the web container at time of deploying the project.

    My question is that web container can create Java object and How?

  3. Re: java top level container and EventLstenerList

    But there is a question about "Components can have multiple ActionListeners" suppose in a button which can only do one thing
    What is the use of multiple ActionListener. Can you elaborate...
  4. java top level container and EventLstenerList

    Hello everyone

    I have two questions about event handling (Button) and top level container

    In the following sentences it says :

    Each GUI component can be contained only once. If a component...
  5. In jar execution I can't see My picture[netbeans,ubuntu]

    I create a program in NetBeans when I run it It works properly and shows my photo but in when I execute jar file (final app) I can't see my photo

    The whole project is in zip file with photo...
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