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  1. Re: I cant export my applet into a runnable jar file

    I fyou want create Desktop application you should use JFrame and here is the code how you can run it on web browser

    <applet code="nameofclassfile.class" width="whateveryouwant"...
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    Re: Move an object

    You should add 'implements Runnable
    and here is some tips:

    this is easy so i let you figure out this :)

    x = 1; //horizontal moving speed
    y = 1; //vertical moving speed
    dx = x; //horizontaly...
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    Java game creating help and ideas

    English: Okay... i'm going to start making some kind of Java game and i need partner to make that game and everyone can say what you think you would like on that game :)

    i have't started that game...
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