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    Re: Converting an int to Double

    You can cast the primitive int to a double but not the wrapper classes Integer to Double

    int foo = 1;
    double bar = (double) foo; // okay

    Integer foo = 1;
    Double bar = (Double) foo; //...
  2. Re: Taking information from a Google Doc and storing to be able to print later.

    That'll depend on your IDE. Using eclipse you can add the jars by going Properties > Java Build Path > Libraries
  3. Re: ScrollView doesn't scroll when soft keyboard appears

    You could try changing the soft input mode in the manifest:

  4. Re: Taking information from a Google Doc and storing to be able to print later.

    You can access information from a spreadsheet through the Google sheets API. It's available through a RESTful service or through native bindings and it isn't particularly complicated to do what you...
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    Re: Qusetion in android development

    The Android toolkit creates a lot of fluff when you generate new projects which can be understandably confusing for new coders. Just realise it's there to give you clues about things you need to...
  6. How do I change my forum signature?

    I know I've change my forum sig before but I can't figure out how to do it again.
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    Re: Space Game Project

    Flickering in games occur because when you render a frame it starts by clearing the canvas, draws the assets then displays it. The result is flashes of white every frame while the assets are drawn....
  8. Re: Webservices for collecting data on specific things

    Language processing!? Ambitious project. Best of luck mate.

    Again, this is more of a discussion than anything close to answer. I think of web services for data points as more of a convenience...
  9. Re: Webservices for collecting data on specific things

    You could have a look into something like freebase. It's pretty generic and community driven so you are free to download everything.

    Philosophically; how do you know this will be the...
  10. Re: Was there an easier way to do this

    double num1;
    double num2;
    double num3;
    double num4;
    double num5;
    double num6;

    Any time you see yourself doing this ... stop. It's a very bad idea to give your variables meaningless names.
  11. Re: Help Required for making WhatsApp.jar

    Okay firstly, I'm not sure how you got your hands on the What's app source code and I don't want to know - it isn't legal.

    Secondly, check the top link for 'bada phone whatsapp'
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    Re: Export jar file with emulator

    What they want isn't possible. Firstly, android apps are exported as a .apk. The APK can be found in the build directory and is auto-generated each time you build.

    Emulator's aren't just click...
  13. Re: How to handle recycling in Expandablelistview with different child layouts?

    What's the stacktrace say? What line is the NullPointer occurring on?
  14. Re: What is the object for method references and how to make it call that certain method

    You can pass methods as parameters using functional interfaces.

    // Functional Interface
    public interface IFoo {
    public abstract void fooMethod();
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    Re: Point of Interest API

    Google Places API can do what you need. Filter the results by 'type=point_of_interest'.

    Unless I am mistaken this is referring to other maps. You can't mix Google API's with Bing, MapKit,...
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    Re: References/Information

    Not necessary. You can run the IPA directly from XCode through the USB cable. The dev license is needed to deploy to the app store or for Ad-hoc distribution through Test flight. It's a good...
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    Re: Overloading variable arguments

    The reason for this is that primitive types in Java are a bit of an edge case. Everything is an object ... except primitives which are covariant. This is why you can't use primitives in a...
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    Re: References/Information

    iPhone apps are written in Objective-C (or Swift) using XCode. You will need an Apple and a developer license ($99 p/year if you wish to deploy). Although it is possible to run OSX through a...
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    Re: Overloading variable arguments

    This is ambiguous because the compiler doesn't know wether to autobox the primitive char 'a' into the wrapper object 'Character' or attempt to cast it into a float. I'm thinking if you change...
  20. Re: Loop thru TableRows to find all Edittext Views

    TableLayout tView = (TableLayout) findViewById (;
    for(int i=0; i < tView.getChildCount(); ++i) {
    TableRow tableRow = (TableRow) tView.getChildAt(i)
    Log.v( "MyClass", ...
  21. Re: Loop thru TableRows to find all Edittext Views

    What's the error?
  22. Re: Loop thru TableRows to find all Edittext Views

    You will need to cast the View into a TableRow

    TableRow tableRow = (TableRow) tView.getChildAt(i)
  23. Re: in CSS on General Assembly's Dash course

    You can apply css style directly to a html element;

    <a href="" style="color: blue">

    Or supply an id to give a specific tag a style from css;
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    Re: Is JAVA what I'm looking for!?!?

    You are biting off more that you can chew with the one hit. At a glance of your requirements I see a native android client, a backend webservice, user registration and a shopping cart system. It...
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    Re: Observer (MVC)

    Observer is a design pattern. Design patterns aren't anything special - they are just a way of communicating commonly used code architectures between developers. If you have used and created a...
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