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    Abstract class

    Well part of one of my assignments is to write an abstract class. I know an abstract class is used for inheritance and cannot be instantiated. I'm aware that all of the real coding is done in the...
  2. Re: Class company, class Employee and tester (Having trouble with my computepayroll()

    Thanks for the responses! Well the only trouble I'm having at this point is outputting what's on the file. Although this may seem pretty trivial it's just a matter of system.out.print. I added a...
  3. An assignment with Filereader and Bufferedreader having trouble with one ofmyclasses

    So I had to define all the method for class company and implement the main method as well. I'm reading a file from my C: drive, I am using filereader and bufferedreader to read the file and then read...
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