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  1. Re: Set Footer and Header in Document using Java

    I think using third party library will be a better choice they are not free but you can use their free trial and check before purchasing. One such library for word in java is Aspose.Words for Java....
  2. Re: conversion of pdf file to text using itext in java

    I would like to suggest Java library for PDF which i use to manage my PDF documents known as Aspose.PDF for Java. This library can convert pdf file to text file in java and you can also convert your...
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    Re: PDF to Tiff Converison

    Try this **link removed** java library for PDF[/URL][/B][/B], it can convert PDF file to tiff format and to many other image formats also you can also use this library to convert any image to pdf...
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    Re: Reading and Writing Word Documents

    You can use java library for this purpose like Aspose.Words for Java library. This library allows you to create, read, write(to new or existing word doc) and even convert your word file to many other...
  5. Re: extract selected text out of a pdf file using java

    You can extract text from pdf file with Aspose.PDF for Java Library. ...Click Here... to view the code.
  6. Re: How to create my own pdf viewer (like adobe reader) using java?

    Try this ***Link Removed*** , its a cloud API where you don't have to do the coding yourself this API will do that for you.
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    Re: Convert DOC,XLS to PDF with Java

    You can convert your Excel document to Pdf in java using Aspose.Cells for Java here is the link of the API: **** Link removed ****

    It is one of many important products from Aspose which uses...
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