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  1. Re: Java Chat Server Help.

    Yeah JavaPF Could you please help me and valtros out by reading his Thread?

    In addition, if you want the whole source.... I can send it to you somehow
  2. Re: Java Chat Server Help.

    hope you can help me.
  3. Re: Java Chat Server Help.

    Well here is the com.diginet.digichat.server.ChatServer CLASS FILE.

    // Decompiled by DJ v3.10.10.93 Copyright 2007 Atanas Neshkov Date: 5/6/2009 6:35:04 PM
    // Home Page: DJ Java Decompiler...
  4. NullPointer Exception and error while running bat file in chat server program

    Hello, I have A chat server programmed in java... it runs with PostGRESQL database just to let you guys know..

    I'm having this error... and been trying to fix it for months.... if anyone could...
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