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  1. HybridJava framework version 1.06 available.

    I have published version 1.06 on Java Web Framework named HybridJava here: HybridJava. Any feedback will be highly appreciated.
  2. Re: How can i pass the valus from a JSP to the action class???

    If you are a beginner - consider using HybridJava. It is much more transparent than JSP.
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    Re: HybridJava web framework

    Version 1.05 released. New features added like Ajax component-oriented support. Now FREE and Open Source (except for the compiler itself). See HybridJava:Introduction
    Still about 15 printed pages of...
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    HybridJava web framework

    HybridJava is a Java™-based component-oriented MVC technology for programming dynamic web content. Like JSP, this technology provides for combining HTML and JAVA code in one source file. JSP proved...
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