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  1. Re: Right so who is a Guru at BreadthFirstSearch ?

    oh na i had assertions of anyway, mmm, i have no idea why it would work for some and not others. its random too. anyway of chucking up the src and text files for someone to look at?
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    Re: please help with simple program!!!

    you need a conditional statement “if” not a while loop, you could use a recursive method by using if else , that will solve your problem or at least give you a start...
  3. Right so who is a Guru at BreadthFirstSearch ?

    hi there,

    I have just recently finished a project that uses breadthfirst search to find a route along the london underground, for most stations it will find the route ok, but for some, ie./...
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    CONFUSION - Breadthfirst search

    hi there,

    For an assignment at my uni I have to create a program that takes a train network and calculates the shortest path from one station to the other. The line the station is on is not...
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