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    Understanding how an ObservableList works

    Can someone please help me understand what Java is doing? I've made an ObservableList named data. I add elements to the list, something like this:

    data.add(new ClientList(LastName,...
  2. Inserting data from ObservableList to MySQL database

    Very new to Java programming, trying to teach myself with tutorials and examples scoured from the web, but I'm having trouble with inserting data from an ObservableList into a MySQL database.

  3. Re: New to Java, newer to JavaProgrammingForums...

    a little bit of everything. I'd like to branch off into doing some little apps for Android, but right now I'm trying to make a GUI for database access in a small retail business I have.
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    Mac SQL database similar to MS Access

    I recently had a computer stolen and when I purchased a new one I opted for Mac instead of PC since they told me the Mac + parallels would run Windows. Turns out to be a bit slow, so especially with...
  5. New to Java, newer to JavaProgrammingForums...

    Thought I'd say hello.

    I am a physician trying to teach myself Java both for fun and productivity. I'm very new at this so any advice and of course your patience with my bumbling is greatly...
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