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  1. Re: How do I log exception when it is thrown

    Oh wow is it a compile error???
    I did not even notice that thank you... I thought it was the exception that I was getting in the red letters :D
  2. How do I log exception when it is thrown

    Here is the situation. When I throw an exception, I want my wrapper class to pick it up and put it into a database. (For simplicity I am just printing it in this example).
    However, when I throw the...
  3. Re: Newbie is stuck and please be patient and let me tell my story. No one else will help me

    Download Free Java Software

    I always just went here for Java. Does that not work?
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    Re: Exercise 115

    Okay, well what you have right now is a default constructor. I would change that into a constructor with parameters.

    public Record(name, initials, time)


    Now you would be able to...
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