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  1. Re: Reversing My Previous Algorithm of Diagonals

    Like I said, this has been a huge 3 day process of me trying to do it. Its really simple developing code like this since it actually only adds on both areas and makes sure it doesn't go out of...
  2. Reversing My Previous Algorithm of Diagonals

    Title says it all, I come seeking help since I am so close to being done with my mini fun project I am doing.

    Whats Wrong? Below the code represents a 3 stage algorithm which handles a matrix,...
  3. Thread: Hello Everybody

    by Abszol

    Hello Everybody

    I am Abszol, just a name I use from when I was 13 and still use today. I come seeking help for my code which I will post in a different section. Anyways, I have been programming since I was 13 and...
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