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    Re: JScrollPane Difficulty. Help Please

    Thank you so much, that actually helped. Was a little confusing, but then finally I realized what you where saying by covering up the JLabel with the JButton. I needed to use a JPanel in a viewport...
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    JScrollPane Difficulty. Help Please

    I am building a menu gui for this application. The user enters the number of players they have and then when they hit next the window is supposed to display entry boxes for their names based on the...
  3. Re: JTextField returns a string, but I want an int

    Thanks a lot that helps a ton
  4. JTextField returns a string, but I want an int

    I feel like I'm overlooking something, but I have been stuck with this problem for a few days. I have a variable that i want to represent the value in a JTextField, the problem is my variable is an...
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