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  1. I am sorry man! By the way the question is the...

    I am sorry man!
    By the way the question is the one I wrote in my first post.
    "How can I capture and reproduce a video front the net? What class/libraries should I use? As I said I have the video...
  2. Up!

  3. UP!

  4. [Problem] Receive video stream from the net

    Hi all!

    I am working to a Java project and I need to acquire and reproduce a video stream.
    I am going to explain me better:
    I have got a Raspberry that works as a server and send me a video...
  5. Thread: Hi!

    by Branca94


    Hi all!
    My name is Stefano, I'm 19 years old and I am from Italy (near Venice).
    I am a student and I started programming three years ago, I really like this world and I decided to register myself...
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