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    Re: Java Printing

    Yes, I have read the tutorials - but they are very shy on examples. They also tend to brush over details like setting the page orientation and changing fonts. Also page headers and footers seem to...
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    Java Printing

    I am looking for a good tutorial with examples for printing using Java. The best article I have found on Line is "Printing in Java" by JavaWorld. However, the links to download the example programs...
  3. Re: Change Font/Orientation for jTextArea print

    Your solution implies that I must do all the pagination and formatting that the JTextArea print method does for me. All I want to do is to change the Font & Size and use the supplied JTextArea print...
  4. Change Font/Orientation for jTextArea print

    I wish to print the content of a JTextArea. I know I can do this with textarea.print().
    However, I wish to print in a different font, font size and orientation from that of the JTextArea itself. I...
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