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  1. [SOLVED] Re: Help with String class private final char[].length

    To my understanding, that is how the length is stored: just a variable.
    In case this provides you with any assistance, here is Java's array specifications (I didn't see anything that directly...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Help with String class private final char[].length

    Wait, so is your question how the length of an array is determine?
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    Re: Learning Java

    When I was in high school, we used USACO for practicing for programming competitions. They provide some interesting problems with increasing difficulty as you go.
    Here is the website:
  4. Re: Keep PrintStream Redirect across multiple scenes

    Why don't you like the pattern? Let's start there, so we have something to aim for.
  5. Re: identifying difference between integers and words from user input

    Adding to what Norm said... you can find the API for a class by searching the class name in Google. The API tells you the purpose of the class, as well as all the methods and what those methods do....
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    Re: Is there a method that counts spaces?

    There should be no problem with charAt. Why do you think it isn't counting spaces? Have you taken into consideration that indexes start at 0, not 1?
  7. Re: Practice of hiding unsafe methods through polymorphism

    Could you make the InternalComponent class protected (assuming your package structure allows it)? And, furthermore, would this stop casting?
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    Re: Jsp performance

    Out of curiosity, why are you using JSP instead of JSF?
    To my understanding, JSP has been largely pushed aside and replaced by JSF. I don't think JSP has received any updates since December 2009,...
  9. Re: I need some clarification about Spring, Struts, Hibernate...

    Have you read this: Struts + Spring + Hibernate integration example
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    Re: Problem with (I believe) ArrayList

    A data structure is just a way of storing data. The "structure" can refer to arrays, sets, objects, ect.
    Lists and Sets in Java both inherit from the Collection interface (Collection (Java Platform...
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    Re: Problem with (I believe) ArrayList

    A few things.
    1. Java has Sets and Arrays. They operate slightly differently. For example, you cannot access Set elements with indexes. To iterate Set elements, you use something called an Iterator....
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    Re: Problem with (I believe) ArrayList

    Tip: Use deck.clear() instead of looping and removing individually

    You asked for us not to provide suggestions for "better" code, so I won't (even though there is a far easier way of doing this...
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    Quick SQL Mapping Questions

    I was curious if anyone knew the correct java mapping for SQL's BigInt and DateTime types.
    Some java documentation I read recommended long for BigInt, and Date or Time for DateTime.
    The ResultSet...
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    Re: Question About Immutable Strings

    Really, the only thing you need to worry about for memory manage in Java is to ensure you are getting rid of all references to objects when you are done with them. If you are still passing around...
  15. Re: Designing a API Jar for a client. (OOP Concepts to consider)

    This is not descriptive enough. Exactly what will the client send the API as a query, and exactly what is the client expecting to get back?
    For example, does the client want the result set to be...
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    Re: Webservices: Ruby vs PHP

    Neither. I am using JSF
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    Re: JList Population

    I see you've answered your question. But as a future reference, if you needed to do something more complex that you couldn't do with the simple toString() method, one option is to create your own...
  18. Re: Why does the following code produce an empty array

    You can't reassign the realnumber variable and expect the value in the array to change too. You need to actually override the index:
    realnumbers[index] = realnum
  19. Re: Webservices for collecting data on specific things

    The NLP is actually going really well. My main concern was just breaking a short sentence into the different parts of a sentence, and then pulling out the nouns and verbs. That's probably 99% working...
  20. Re: Webservices for collecting data on specific things

    I've looked into freebase, and it seems ideal for my needs. But I would like to add a footnote for anyone who comes across this post that freebase is being absorbed by wikidata over the next few...
  21. Re: Webservices for collecting data on specific things

    Thanks. I'd never heard of that. I'll look into that.

    Well, regardless of whether the program looks at the database for all the detailed information or queries a webservice for the details, it...
  22. Re: Webservices for collecting data on specific things

    By "cache", I mean saving in a database (I've been reading a lot of ToS's lately). The data I plan on storing shouldn't change (for example, a landmark probably isn't going to get relocated).
    I want...
  23. Webservices for collecting data on specific things

    I'm looking for a webservice (or several, if need be) which can provide me with some basic metadata on... specific things. I guess you would say: Proper Nouns (I'm unsure what the correct phrase for...
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    Re: Point of Interest API

    Google's Geocoding seems it might do what I want, but Google's TOS states that the Geocoding service MUST be used with a map, which is not relevant for my needs. I'm just trying to find the location...
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    Point of Interest API

    Does anyone know of a web api I can call to get the locations of various famous Points Of Interest? For example: the Eiffel Tower, the Grand Canyon, ect.
    Preferably, one that will allow free access....
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