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  1. Search closest distance to an array of objects

    Hi, could somebody please explain to me how to search an array that will find the index that contains the closest object to another object, then move to it? I have an array with 8 gameObjects...
  2. Re: Can some one teach me how to creat this Object Oriented Programming

    As a very recent newcomer to Java myself your original question came across to me as a good challenge so started writing some code tonight. All I have at this moment is the input of values and ...
  3. Not Letting me Deatach Console in Eclipse

    Hi, when right clicking the 'Console' view in Eclipse there should be an option that allows a user to 'Detach' it but at the moment only 'close', 'close other' and 'close all' is displaying. Using a...
  4. Re: Simple Collision with no Rect package import

    Thnx norm, its the collision detection that I'm not too sure about.
  5. Simple Collision with no Rect package import

    Hi I am trying to write some code that will detect a collision between two rectangles(no import packages) and have them change color as soon as they touch. I currently have 2 instances (rectangles)...
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    Re: Opening a single .java file in Eclipse

    lol thankyou! I'm an idiot.
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    Opening a single .java file in Eclipse

    Hello everyone, I'm sorry to have to ask such a simple question but I have downloaded a single .java file from my university and I don't know how to open it correctly in Eclipse. I have tried...
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