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  1. How do you extract first int digit from an int array element (java)?

    if a[3] = 45, how do I extract 4 out of 45?
  2. I don't understand what exactly this assignment is asking me to do.

    Hi guys :). I have this assignment and I just don't understand why I need to populate an array with leading zeros. It sounds like it wants me to populate the entire array for one number (string). ...
  3. how do I separate numbers in a file and put leading zeros

    I am writing a program that adds together large integers. I have to store each integer in an array of digits, with one digit per array element. Array length is 50 so integer is 50 digits long. I...
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    Re: Java Math help please

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    Java Math help please

    The area of a square is stored in a double variable named area . Write an expression whose value is length of the diagonal of the square.

    Do I use math.sqrt?
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