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    GridWorld Code - Need Help

    I'm writing a bug called HomerBug.
    HomerBug is a subclass of Bug.
    HomerBug chooses a DumbRainbowBug in the Grid.
    If there are no DumbRainbowBugs, it does nothing.
    Otherwise it takes one step...
  2. Re: Need Help - Factoring & Prime Finding Code

    Oh! haha I didn't realize those were factors! Thanks again!
  3. Re: Need Help - Factoring & Prime Finding Code

    Thanks alot! That helped me so much, I appreciate it, however, I need to work on the factoring part now, with that current code, it is printing some pretty strange numbers next to the non-prime...
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    Re: help with code plss

    What you need in JOptionPane.showMessageDialog("Monday");
    is "null" in front of Monday.

    It should read: JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "Monday");

    Also, I've spotted another error, after...
  5. Need Help - Factoring & Prime Finding Code

    Hello, I'm working on a project that outputs the numbers 2 100.
    Next to each number, it should list all the factors for that number.
    If the number has no factors, it should print prime.
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