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  1. Writing output from a void method to a file

    I have two classes.

    Amortization class has the following void method.

    public void displayResults()
    System.out.println("The loan amount is $" + loanAmt);
  2. Do you add objects to an array when using switch statement with a For loop?

    I meant....

    "HOW" do you add objects to an array....

    I have four classes.

    Person is the super class, Student, Undergraduate, and PolymorphismExample.

    I somewhat understand how to add...
  3. Switch statement inside a for loop need help.

    my output is the following:

    Enter the type of Person: S
    Enter in a name: John Down
    Enter the type of Person: Enter the type of Person:

    The output I would like to see is.......
  4. Multi-D array. daily max/min/avg, weekly max/min/avg, sum total (99% done)

    Hey guys,

    I've spent all day working on this and I can't seem to figure the rest out.

    Using this array:

    int[][] temperatures = {
    { 73, 71, 68, 69, 69, 77, 78 },
    { 76,...
  5. Amortization Loan, works, but need suggestions please.

    Hi guys,

    So my program does run in Eclipse, however, there are a few fixes that are still needed and Iím looking for simple suggestions/ideas. Iím saying Ďsimpleí because Iím still learning plus I...
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