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  1. Re: Created a Random Access File that saves gibberish to a text file

    I assumed it was something of that nature, but I do know it was not binary of hexadecimal as I am familiar with each. This is what went to the file:...
  2. Re: Created a Random Access File that saves gibberish to a text file

    Thanks. At first, it seemed like a problem. But using readDouble it works as it should, I was just curious as to what was in the actual text file. Using String the text file is intelligible. Again, a...
  3. Created a Random Access File that saves gibberish to a text file

    File inputFile = new File(".../inputFile.txt");
    RandomAccessFile file = new RandomAccessFile(inputFile,"rw");;
  4. Hexadecimal to Binary WITH leading zeros???

    How do I convert a hexadecimal number to binary keeping the leading zeros? For the conversion itself I am using:
    String stringName = Integer.toBinaryString(int in 0x format);, however, this...
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    Saving a file using a dialog box

    Why doesn't this very simple code work when it seems to me that it should?

    import javax.swing.*;

    public class FileInput
    public static void main(String[] args)
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    Re: actionPerformed method

    Is it possible to just delete this thread? Unless, of course, there is some sort of use to be found in it...
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    Re: actionPerformed method

    I just fixed it by removing a "@Override" tag that had been above that method. I don't why it was even there, but now my program works. Thanks again.
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    actionPerformed method

    In a program I am working on of the class named TextEditor I have the following method:

    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent event)

    Even before compiling it shows the following errors:
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    Unexpected ArrayOutOfBoundsError

    In a program I am writing for homework, one method yields an unexpected error:
    (The variable n has been declared 9 earlier in the program)

    private boolean[] getAllowedValues(int row, int col) {...
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    Re: Latin square logic

    Thanks for your assistance.
  11. Boolean method returning a boolean value

    I have revised the code in my previous post - actually tweaking the teacher's suggestion to fit a particular program - and now have a new problem. I get the following error (it actually prints it...
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    Latin square logic

    I am trying to test the logic of a particular method included in a project I am working on and so I have created a simple 3 by 3 Latin Square with which to do so. The basics of the program work fine,...
  13. Re: Printing boolean values from an array

    Thanks, I appreciate it. Now my program works fine, I had a feeling I was overlooking something obvious. Also, I actually was not getting an error message, I was getting the opposite of the results I...
  14. Printing boolean values from an array

    I am having difficulty with a particular segment of a project and have created a test class in an attempt to debug it. The project requires a multi-dimensional array consisting of boolean values...
  15. Re: Placement of code within an application

    Thank you for your replies, they were very prompt and helpful. I figured out a very simple solution that had been right under my nose. Thanks!
  16. Placement of code within an application

    I have an assignment due for my Introduction to Java for which I have written the majority of the foundational code. The assignment is to write the code for text version of a popular logic game. I...
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