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  1. Re: Bizarre Issue with Scanner Failing to "notice" rest of file

    Thanks for your response Mr. 777. I'm running this on a 64 bit machine, and a fairly powerful one at that. Changing memory allocation to stack and heap
    in Java through command line options hasn't...
  2. Re: Bizarre Issue with Scanner Failing to "notice" rest of file

    For your interest RmSc I've included a SSCCE, though the code works fine for a portion of the file:

    Scanner reader;
    String filename = "";
    try {
    filename = args[0] + ".csv";
  3. Bizarre Issue with Scanner Failing to "notice" rest of file

    I'm working on a rather irritating problem, and was hoping someone might have gone through something similar.

    I'm trying to convert a massive amount of microsoft excel data into a format easy to...
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    Re: Manually recoloring buffered images

    Thanks for your response, Sean4u.

    The entry you mentioned suggests the index colour may change it if that colour does not fit the IndexColorModel. I've attempted to counter this
    by ensuring each...
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    Manually recoloring buffered images

    Hi all,

    I posted a topic similar to this some months ago but it was never resolved so I thought I might try again.

    I have a series of monochrome images that I have to dynamically recolor in my...
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    Re: Hi, Fellow Java Programmers

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I'm sure I have a long way to go too!
  7. Re: Setting individual sRGB pixel values on BufferedImages

    Gave it a quick lookover, and have had success with the getRGB method in the Color API, although the values are a bit foreign I think I have a better understanding for how they work.

    I ran into...
  8. Setting individual sRGB pixel values on BufferedImages

    Hi all, this is my first technical post on the forums, it's for a small project I'm working on that I hope to recycle in the future.

    My issue is to do with performing color manipulation on...
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    Hi, Fellow Java Programmers

    Hi everyone, I've just joined the forums today.

    I'm am, well was a computer science student studying in Australia. I completed my honours (pre-PhD) research project last year, with most of my work...
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