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  1. Assigning a variable through a radio button selection

    I think I'm making this harder then it should be. I'm trying to create a shopping project, for my java programming course, that uses a JFrame GUI to input, calculate and display inputs.
    The meat...
  2. Re: Quick beginner radio button question

    Works for me (not literally), thanks
  3. Quick beginner radio button question

    I'm trying to set up a JFrame shopping cart example for my class. I've added radio buttons to a button group "colorButtonGroup" to denote one of three colors (blue, red, yellow), and I'm not sure as...
  4. Re: Trouble with repainting a traffic light using radio buttons: Any Suggestions?

    Wait, what part of this code adds the button group to the panel? I'm missing something obvious... (new to programming, sorry)
  5. Replies

    Hi everyone

    I'm new to Java programming. I just started taking a java programming class and the course just seems so daunting so I thought I'd join a forum in case I hit any snags in programming. Hopefully I...
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