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  1. Re: Ghosts, Robots, Netbeans, Java, Audio, robot?

    Sorry about that.. I saw the other one got posted to the "whats wrong with my code" section and was like "Hmm.. I didn't post any code for people to tell me what's wrong with it." I just clicked...
  2. Ghosts, Robots, Netbeans, Java, Audio, robot?

    Hello everyone, I'm new here. I have interests in "paranormal activity" and ghosts and stuff.

    I'm doing some experiments and would like any help you folks could give me. Feel free to message me on...
  3. Java - Mic Input to Robot Controls

    Hello, I am trying to put together a simple program that can take data from the mic input and, eventually ( it will probably require some signal processing and buffering ), convert the mic input data...
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