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  1. Creating select box dynamically- onchange fired before selection


    I need to create a select box on the click of a button using javascript. While creating the select box, I need to provide a function call for onchange event. The issue is that, the funtion...
  2. Can I use keytool generated certificate in IIS server?


    I need to enable SSL in IIS server. I have generated a keystore using java keytool and have exported the certificate from it. When I tried to use this certificate in IIS server, it says...
  3. JMF: Unable to add custom codec when processor's content descriptor is set

    Hi ,

    I'm trying to create a video conferencing application using JMF. I need to access the frames before it is transmitted to the remote end, so I have a custom codec class. Below is the...
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    Re: Problem with equality check with HashSet

    The exact signature to override the equals method is as below:

    public boolean equals(Object obj){}
  5. web service client giving ClientTransport Exception

    I have created a web service using Netbeans and have deployed it in jboss server. I also created a web service client in the same system. Now I need to change the web service url, which is...
  6. Re: SAAJ giving exception with large attachments

    This happens instantly. Is there any constraint for the attachment size while using SAAJ?

  7. SAAJ giving exception with large attachments


    I'm using SAAJ at the server side to send SOAP message with attachments to the client. It works perfectly fine for attachments of size 10MB. But when I tried attaching a file of size 100...
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