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  1. Introducing Ccodelet: Automated insertion of example code into JavaDoc

    I just finished a project I've been working on for three years, and I'd like to introduce it to you. Hopefully a Java library developer, someone out there somewhere, will find this useful.

    (And if...
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    Re: Please help me loop this method

    Well, I know for sure that this is a problem:

    for(int i=0; i<=4; i++);

    This is a for loop that does nothing, five times. You likely want to surround the lines that follow it with brackets, so...
  3. Re: Link objects and calling a variable object's method

    I would design it as a Person, an Author, and a Book.

    This is what I'm thinking:

    public class Person {
    String getName();
    Date getBirthday();

    public class Author {
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    Re: Intro, author of Codelet

    Android? I've never done a GUI application in my life, but there's always a first. I wish I could do an iOS app, but I'm stuck in Windows I'm afraid.

    I'll take a look.

    I'm not sure what you...
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    Intro, author of Codelet

    Hello there. This is my first post on the Java Programming Forums. I'm currently active on Stack Overflow.

    I have five years experience with backend (non GUI) Java. I was laid off twice after the...
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