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  1. Invoking multiple instances of the JRE with different proxy settings?

    Just wondering, how do i run say x jar with certain a certain proxy configuration, and then run y jar with a different proxy configuration?

    *Edit, erm I figured it out, very sorry for this thread...
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    Embedding a hyperlink within a JFrame

    I've googled through this, but every example try's to show how to read the hyperlink's url inside a swing component which is pretty stupid, I'm after an example/explanation of how I can embed a...
  3. Re: Abstract methods. What are they for? And when it's necessary to use them?

    But then why would'nt you just make that an interface as opposed to a abstract class?
  4. Authentication system for running/downloading a .jar

    Hey basically I want to release a product that's packaged as a .jar file. I want to stop people from running the application without an authentication code. How/What would be the best practice/way...
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    Jar self delete on exit?

    Hey there, is it possible to have a .jar file delete itself on exit? If so could I please get a code snippet as an example?

    Thanks in advance,
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