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  1. Re: My text input file is not working correctly?

    Content Within Text File:

    1001-01-171714 Lewis CS 699
    1002-01-771424 Lewis CS 477
    1003-01-141434 Jones MATH 698
    1004-01-141444 Jones CS 617
    1005-01-141454 Brown CHEM 326
    1006-01-141464 Jones...
  2. My text input file is not working correctly?

    ublic class Book
    String author, area, isbn;
    int length;

    public Book(String isbn, String author, String area, int length)
    this.isbn = isbn; =...
  3. Print Student average, high, and low grades through array?

    So I need to make my program print the total number of students, the average grade, and both the high and low grade through the array which I created through the text file attached. Can someone help...
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    Deficient Number Code?

    I'm in an introductory java class and need some desperate help on my project. What the code has to do is have the user enter an integer and then it gives the amount of deficient numbers up to that...
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