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    How images stores in awt.Image class?

    I am confused over the link between RGB, YUV and awt.Image.
    I converted a buffer having RGBFormat data to an awt.Image. I then converted a buffer having YUVFormat data to an awt.Image using...
  2. Re: brightest red spot detection

    Hi JavaPF,
    Thank u. I have not yet put the code in an understandable format. I have used lots of comments and variables. I will put them them down properly and send it. Please send me ur mail id. :)
  3. Re: brightest red spot detection

    Now i am able to track the red dot but the problem is that i get a cluster of red pixels so the tracked dots are not stable when i get the pixels from successive frames. I tried to find the pixel...
  4. How to detect brightest spot among all spots?

    I am doing a project in which i need to find the coordinates of a red laser dot on a screen. The screen can be plain or the desktop can be projected on a screen. Kindly tell me how do i detect the...
  5. Java application to implement a Mouse using a Webcam and laser pointer

    Hi. I want to implement a mouse using a webcam. I would be tracking a laser pointer dot using a webcam and converting that point to mouse coordinates. I want to develop a java application for it. I...
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