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  1. Thread: Word Guess

    by Jessi09

    Word Guess

    Develop an application that allow the user to guess a secret word. The application should save the list of words below and when run, choose one word at random as the secret word.

    The list of word...
  2. Re: Please Help (StringBuffer, Instantiable Class)

    i see i get that..

    but i need to go through the loop first

    public void compute(){
    for(int i = 1; i < word.length(); i = i +1){
  3. Re: Please Help (StringBuffer, Instantiable Class)

    i need answers! :S
  4. Please Help (StringBuffer, Instantiable Class)

    Develop an application that accepts one word from the user as input. The application should then translate and output the word in a secret language according to the following rules: The first letter...
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