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    Re: Recursion Trace

    I dont believe this is a recursive method. You never actually call on itself. You need a case that ends the recursion and returns a value in addition to the method calling on itself.
  2. Re: need help with Doubly-Linked list programing in java

    Also to add to the Node Next and Node Previous, its usually a good idea to have a Root Node, where previous points back to itself, to avoid falling off the end of the list. Also, depending on the...
  3. Re: Basic Java Sorting Algorithm (Selection/Insertion) help

    If your professor asked to figure it out on your own, your professor is probably going to ask you to write some pseudo code on an exam. The right way to tackle this algorithm is to watch a youtube...
  4. Thread: Hey, I am Ross

    by rossums

    Hey, I am Ross

    My name is Ross, I am a sophmore at the University of Pittsburgh studying computer science. I am looking forward to helping out some of the beginners as well as asking some of the more advanced...
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