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    Re: where is my JavaDB/Derby?

    Hi chronoz13

    Do you got any solution? I have just started with java. I am also looking for solution. I am getting same error.

    Java 7, Netbeans 7.2, Windows7
  2. Re: Need help in java database application.

    Hi All

    Today I have completed my exercise with MySQL database connection with JavaFX. I still need some knowledge on derby. I am unable to connect to derby database(Embedded). Can anyone please...
  3. Need help in java database application.

    Hi All

    I have just finished java core. Now I have started to learn database programming in java. Can anyone please suggest any article/book/video tutorial on derby/mysql in netbeans IDE. I have...
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    Hello Respected Members

    Hi Everyone

    I am Deepak Singh Kushwah. I am new to Java language and just started to learn it.

    I hope you all will help me to solve my problems.

    Deepak Singh Kushwah
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