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  1. Problem on sending vectors from Java server to C# client

    hi all.
    i have one java server and one C# client. i have to send one vector from Server to C# client.

    i have one result set in vector like (name,tell,id,and one image file ) so i must send this...
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    Problem of getting result than SQL to JTable

    hi all.
    i have a program , now i add Operator manager to add new operator and get list of operator or delete
    now Add and Delete is work fine but my ResultSet dont work and give me Null pointer...
  3. Error of missing return statement while implementing Array

    hi all.
    this is my first post in here.
    i have problem in return type but :-?? can help me ?

    this is my code :

    public ArrayList<Operator> getlist() throws ClassNotFoundException,...
  4. Re: I need someone to help me make algorithms

    please say your class names and and what you want , i will create for you and draw relationship.
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