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  1. [SOLVED] Try/Catch exception so i can return an array and print out an exception too

    Hi i am writing a lottery method where the user has to enter in two numbers, n and k, as arguments. The lottery gets filled with a randomized queue that goes up to k. so if i put in k=10 the queue...
  2. [SOLVED] Merge two 1D array's into a new 1D array. Trouble appending last index

    Hello, i am having trouble appending the rest of my original array to my new array.

    I am suppose to shuffle two arrays and put the output into a new array.

    For instance.

    int [] A =...
  3. Formatting white space to 3 characters in parentheses

    In my program i have to count a certain number of days and increase the counter as it goes through the loop. I have to display this number in parenthesis with exactly 3 spaces(including...
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    [SOLVED] Combing println with for loop

    I am having trouble combing my println statements with a for loop that prints out stars.

    What my program does is read in a file with temperature data on it from different cites. It will...
  5. [SOLVED] Re: Assign a loop to variable to compare strings

    Thank you so much for the help! i was able to get my program 99% done. I have only one print statement that is not printing when i want it to.

    So after it tests the loop, it will say "yes" just...
  6. [SOLVED] Assign a loop to variable to compare strings

    Hey everyone, so i am trying to write a program that takes the first letter of a string, concats it to the end of the string and can spell the original string backwards.

    For example,
    I have a...
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