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    [SOLVED] Re: Getting a object from a map

    Ahhhh.. Thank you....
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    [SOLVED] Getting a object from a map

    I read from an excel document, here is a small example:

    75060120 0.750 60x120 1517.40 $0.4100
    10060120 1.000 60x120 2023.20 $0.4100

    I placed the above into a map after setting the...
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    Re: Help on Java code

    Does this:

    infoCustomers.add( new Customer( firstname, lastname, age, smokingstatus, height, weight, bmi, insurancepremiumcost) );

    match this these? Look closely....
  4. Re: Program to scrape all title tags from large sites

    Jaunt - Java Web Scraping & Automation

    check it out might be what you are looking for
  5. Re: Java Beginner : Seeking some help/ideas on basic solitaire card game

    What is the question? Advice on what you already have or is there an error?
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    Re: Help on Java code

    Please drop one / when you use the

    import java.util.*; // needed for scanner
    import*; //needed for file input and output

    // class definition
    public class Insurance
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    Changing the size of a JTextArea

    I am trying to output the database into a JTextArea but it is not displaying the whole thing. I tried to initialize it by the following:

    view class

    textArea = new JTextArea(500,400);...
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    SQL Statement is not working

    Here is a very simple mySQL statement and it is not working. I am not getting any errors and I cannot see what the issue is at the moment.

    public void update(User user) {
    id =...
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    prepared statement and SQL injection

    I have been reading about prepared statement and it said that SQL injection is still very possible with it. Now I would use spring if I was creating an web app but I thought that it allowing such...
  10. Re: Best way to handle the MVC design with a databaseDAO

    Thank you very much. I am going to try and to code this so I can understand it better. This is a quite large database program but I can see how it is useful, I just need to see the whole thing to...
  11. Re: Best way to handle the MVC design with a databaseDAO

    At the time I wrote this I was thinking of one model but several models is more realistic. Therefore I will have four packages, we will call them:

  12. Best way to handle the MVC design with a databaseDAO

    I have done this a few times but I want to make sure I am doing it correctly. In other words creating a clean understandable program. Instead of posting code I will just talk about this is my plan:
  13. No qualifying bean of type [java.lang.String] found for dependency: expected at least 1 bean which qualifies as autowire candidate for this dependency. Dependency annotations: {}

    I cannot seem to understand why I am getting this error. It straight forward error but why it is occurring is. I will post my bean and XML file below.

    package com.learnspring.beans;

  14. [SOLVED] Re: Has anyone had an issue with the Maven GUI

    right click the interface while you are in the Beans.xml file and select open with Spring Config..... That was very annoying...
  15. [SOLVED] Has anyone had an issue with the Maven GUI

    I am having an issue with maven. I am using Eclipse and have the configuration on this computer that I have on the other. However when I right click the file->new-> other-> Spring -> Spring Bean...
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    Storing images to a mySQL database:

    This question is not about syntax but a best way to handle something. What is the best way to store a image into a database? For example converting it into binary etc. I just wanted to get some...
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    [SOLVED] SPEL Practice

    I am making a simple practice program but my main method keeps printing out "A person says null and is: null". I am trying to set default values to my beans via annotations and autowire them...
  18. Re: unable to conect to MS SQL server from other network except my home network through java program

    You cannot access you network from another unless you bridge them. Treating you PC as a server does not quite have the same logistic support as a server you would pull a page from.
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    Re: what is wrong with my code- Multithread

    One common mistake with garbage collected languages such as Java or C# is to keep around references to objects that you no longer are using, or allocating many objects when you could reuse them...
  20. Re: How can the program identify the "modified contents" that it is supposed to return?

    I am not sure the format of your file and if you will be able to do this but here is a suggestion. If you could sort them alphabetically or numerically you might be able to use the divide and concur...
  21. Re: how do I change the JLabel text by clicking on the JButton?

    Why are you adding a new Action Listener to each button?
  22. Re: How to load xml file inside of java class file in a netbeans project

    Please add the proper code tags. Is this a maven project?
  23. Re: if statement not running when ResultSet is null

    Thank you. This is how I solved it...

    finally {
    if (!found) {

    System.out.println("Nope, not found");
    frame = new JFrame("Query Message");
    pane = new JOptionPane();
  24. if statement not running when ResultSet is null

    The below method shows that a JOptionPane should display when the result is null, meaning it has not found what I was trying to look for. However only the if statement that finds the query runs:

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    [SOLVED] Re: Unable to delete row from database

    Did the following and the error is gone but still not deleting:

    public void delete(Person person) {

    String query = "DELETE from employee WHERE last LIKE\'"+person.getLast()+"\'";
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