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  1. [SOLVED] Re: Collections.binarySearch returns wrong index

    The problem is in the data, where points are very close together, but the comparison method only was accurate to 6 decimal places. After upping the accuracy to 9 decimal places, everything sorted...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Collections.binarySearch returns wrong index

    You are correct, it should be

    if ((p1.compareToXY(diagPoint) == 0) || (p2.compareToXY(diagPoint) == 0))

    but that only means I got less diagnostics than what I wanted.

    The equals and...
  3. [SOLVED] Collections.binarySearch returns wrong index

    final static public Point diagPoint = new Point("308.540978536647", "204.89781897342627");

    * compare points by x,y
    public static final Comparator<Point> pointComp = new...
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    C coding symptom in Java

    I am using JNI (created with Swig) to convert from my internal format to DWG.
    When I read a particular file I get the following error:

    Which seems like some sort of programming error on my...
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