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  1. Re: Getting Exception Errors, But Not Sure How To Fix Code

    This issue is with calling the method on object whose value is null.

    so make sure you write a one condition (if obj!=null) before calling a method to avoid the exceptions. This is always good ...
  2. Re: String.split("") puts null in the first index

    use trim before apply split function. let me know if it doe'st not solve your problem
  3. [SOLVED] Re: Can someone help with my code and psuedocode.

    post with pseudo code guidelines, so that i can able to help you
  4. Re: Help needed to design the flow of Struts 1.2 or 1.3 application

    Struts in Action books is good man

    I recommend you download the struts Hello world app provided by apache and deploy to any container. try to understand the model,view and controller.

  5. Re: Want to install WebSphere 6.0.0 on Windows Vista Home Basic to learn EJB

    Hey can you please post the complete stack trace, so that i can able help you
  6. Thread: Hi Guys

    by kb18001

    Hi Guys

    Hi to all fellow board members,

    I am sr developer having 7 yrs in java j2ee,spring,hibernate and eclipse. i am here to share my knowledge and learn from others.

    I am frequent learner in...
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