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    Re: HELPP!!!! - Java validation with nested loops

    Hey hi,
    there should be a condition which checks for the principal value before the inner do while loop.
    so if user enters the 0 value for principle , it will not execute the inner do while loop...
  2. Re: Checking to see whether a triangle is obtuse isosceles or acute isosceles.

    Hi michael305rodri ,
    I tried the posted code, and its working fine, you are on the right track.
    the first bracket in the if condition checks whether the 2 sides are same and second brackets checks...
  3. Re: there is an exception in my program plz correct it.

    Hi Nikita,
    Please post input.txt file also , because when I tried to execute the program that you have posted,
    it gave me FileNotFoundException
  4. Re: Can Someone please help me with my password program?

    hi mkrage,
    I checked your code and whats going wrong is :

    1. you comparing the string variable value with abc variable value using ==,actually you should use .equals() method.
    2. also you...
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    Re: help in sorting the array

    I checked your code, even executed the same and what I found was,
    a change is needed in the swap code.
    what you have written is :

    int tmp = x[i] ;
    x[i]=x[b] ;
    x[b]= tmp ;
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