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    Trouble adding objects to JComboBox

    I'm trying to add a string and double value from two text field into an object, then have that object be placed in a combo box.

    I have a button that adds an employee object with a (string, double)...
  2. Re: Need help with Game of Life generations

    Changed my else if for option 3 and now I'm getting this error on the if statements inside of option 3:
    java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 10

    * Program the mathematical game called...
  3. Re: Need help with Game of Life generations

    I have a current board (which is actually just option 2), and I tried just copying that again and using if statements according to the rules, but that's where I'm not sure of how to start it.
  4. Need help with Game of Life generations

    I'm making a simple game of life 10x10 board using dashes, and filling them in with x's when the user inputs the corresponding row and column. I have everything I need for this except option 3, which...
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