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  1. Re: beginner developing android app to stream radio station needs help!

    Okay so I'm relatively new to Android myself, but what I would do is put print statements or breaks at various parts of your code to figure out where it crashed. A good place to start would be after...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Arrow keys to navigate a maze in a console program

    The scanner object waits for input. It may be a better idea to have it in its own method so the method can prompt for the direction, check if its valid, check to see if the end of the maze, and it...
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    [SOLVED] Re: 2 dimensional array storing help!

    Think about how a two dimensional array works, if you make a row then make columns within that specific row, what happens?

    You don't need a third loop, and you're loop is in the right spot. Think...
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    Re: Primitive types

    You're program is doing what it should correctly. I would look at the logic of whats happening with each iteration. And I'm not sure what you mean by initialize. If you mean create a variable with...
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    Re: Need help will inflation calculator

    Everything looks good to me, except I would look at your method thats actually calculating the inflation.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Replacing words in a text file

    From what I see, you're finding the brackets right, but you should take a second look at how you're trying to grab the stuff in between it.

    This should help you out.
  7. Re: Static? Void? Trying to display date...O_o

    I can't see which part is italicized or I would definetly try to help.
  8. Re: How Compare Integers using the if statement and && operator? Can it be done?

    If you want something more elegant, try an array.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Replacing words in a text file

    If you focus on where each opening and closing bracket is on the line, you should be able to figure out whats in between.
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    Re: New student needing help!

    This one is heavy logic. Think about how to use the locations of the points to come up with the radius and the center of the circle. Also, think about why a rectangle only needs those two diagonal...
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    Re: There must be a better way...

    I'm just starting Java too, so my solution may be really ugly. For figuring out which one is larger you could use interger division to produce which tip is larger. It's a roundabout way, and I'm sure...
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