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  1. Trouble calculating a product and allowing a user to specify a range

    I'm in a beginning programming class and am having trouble with this question:
    Write an application that gives you the product of odd integers from 3 to 35. Now change your program to allow a user...
  2. Can't find an example on how to append text to jframe!

    Hi, I'm having trouble appending text on one of my projects. Another member suggested I add it to a frame. However, I don't know how to do that. I've been searching for examples and haven't found...
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    Re: Can't figure out JTextArea. Please Help!

    I see. thanks. I will try and research that.
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    Can't figure out JTextArea. Please Help!

    I'm at wits end. First of all, I'm a beginner and am really struggling with this. I'm at the very end of my assignment and am supposed to append the output.

    My code looks like this-

    do {...
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