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  1. Re: Can't find the solution to errors in code

    public String getName()// Gets students names
    public String getTestavg()//Gets the test average
    public String getGrade()//Gets the letter grade

    i get an syntax error about missing method...
  2. Can't find the solution to errors in code

    Here is the problem from the book:

    "Write a class that uses a string array or arraylist object to hold 5 students names, an array of 5 chars to hold 5 students letter grades, and five array of 4...
  3. Thread: New member

    by ahuang1031

    New member

    Hello, I am a new member of this forum and a beginner at coding JAVA. I am in my first computer science class. My major is IT but a few coding classes are required in my major. I will be looking...
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