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  1. How to approach the book Head First Design Patterns?

    (This question isn't really a code question, but I found no other forum on this site that this question could fit into).

    I recently purchased the book Head First Design Patterns, to start learning...
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    Re: Game development using Swing.

    I'm using a simple thread. The run() method of this thread contains the entire gameloop. Here it is:

    public void run(){

    int TICKS_PER_SECOND = 50;
    int SKIP_TICKS = 1000 /...
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    Game development using Swing.

    I am relatively new to game development using Java. I have been developing games and studying game development for 2-3 months now.

    I have always used Swing for my graphics (aka, the entire game is...
  4. How to configure Eclipse to use a specific JRE?

    I have both JDK 7 and JDK 6 installed on my computer. I want to set my project to use JDK 6 instead of 7, so my compiled program will be able to run on computers JRE 6.

    I know I need to go to...
  5. [SOLVED] Re: How to find out the minimum JRE requirement for my Java program

    Okay, thanks. Do you know how to set in Eclipse everything that needs to be set to JRE 6?
    I set the project's compliance level to 1.6, but it seems I need to set additional things to JRE 6.
  6. [SOLVED] Re: How to find out the minimum JRE requirement for my Java program

    GregBrannon - Thanks for your help. I am using Eclipse.

    So basically, you're saying that the default for Eclipse is to set the minimum JRE requirement for the application, based on the JDK I had...
  7. [SOLVED] How to find out the minimum JRE requirement for my Java program

    I finished a game in Java and sent it to a friend.

    Launching the program in my computer worked just fine.

    But he got this error:
    "Could not find the main classs: Main. program will exit"

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    Re: Key presses in game not working.

    The key is the semicolon: ;

    I can't change the keys know, because it took me time just to find key combinations that most of the time aren't problematic (this game involves two players holding...
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    Key presses in game not working.

    I finished a game. It works perfectly fine on my computer.

    Sent it to a friend. On his computer, for some reason, one of the keys that are used to play doesn't work inside the game. (It works in...
  10. "Could not find the main class: main. program will exit" - Wierd case.

    I finished a game in Java. I used Eclipse to program it.
    I wrapped the game in an EXE file, using Launch4j.

    The game runs perfectly fine on my computer, both by double-clicking the EXE, and by...
  11. Overcoming the max-keys-at-a-time limitation of a keyboard.

    I have posted this in another forum. I know 'croos-posting' isn't well-accepted here, but I didn't get help there for a long while and would very much like to solve this problem. Thank you for...
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    Key Bindings work with delay.

    (This has been posted in another forum, but it often takes time to get help there and I really need to solve this. I hope you understand and I'll appreciate your help).

    Sorry for not finding the...
  13. Java 2D Game: Implementing Simultaneous Keystrokes

    (I admit to have posted this also in another forum, but I didn't yet get help there and I'm in 'dire' need to solve this problem. Help would be much appreciated. Thank you).

    In my Java 2D game,...
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    Runnable JAR won't run when double-clicked.

    I created a program and compiled it to Runnable JAR. I made sure the configuration is the class with the main() method in the project, and made sure I was choosing Runnable JAR.

    After compiling,...
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    How do I get the compile code in Eclipse?

    I made a program that didn't run correctly when compiled to Runnable JAR in Eclipse. I've been told to read it's 'compile code', but don't know where it is in Eclipse. Google search didn't help. Can...
  16. JPanel-type class doesn't apear on the JFrame?

    I created a class named Surface the inherites from JPanel. This class draws a General Path inside it's paintComponent(). I tried adding it to a JFrame and it doesn't get displayed.

    Then I was...
  17. How can I repaint() an entire JPanel, except for a specific area?

    How can I repaint() an entire JPanel, **except** for a large group of pixels that aren't necesserily organized in a rectangle? (Like a big group of pixels forming a scribbled line)?
  18. Re: How to draw a rectangle on a JPanel, from a different class?

    It works, thanks :) But I don't understand why what I did before didn't work.

    You said I needed a reference to the Graphics object of Surface. But I did obtain one inside DrawRect class, in the...
  19. How to draw a rectangle on a JPanel, from a different class?

    Hello everyone, now to this forum :)

    I'm fairly new to 2D graphics in Java.
    I learned how to draw simple shapes on a JPanel, using the paintComponent method.

    Now I'm trying to do the same...
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