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    Save data entered upon reopening

    hey i was wondering if you could do something with your program or my programming software (eclipse) to allow it to save information entered without erasing everything and starting over every time i...
  2. Re: Stop a while loop with an awt button, problem

    try using a boolean variable telling it to run while end = false and after your requirements set end to true
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    [SOLVED] Encoder output error heed help

    hey im working on this program that shifts the Unicode value by the users choice but somewhere in my code there is a error and i can't find it when you attempt to shift it adds 2 letters and when i...
  4. Re: how to give inputs to my simple java program

    I'm not sure i follow what your trying when i was at the beginner stage they taught me a class that could be used to generate input. i see that your program is trying to add three integers
  5. Re: This program works but Want to improve

    I atempted to do what was asked and incountered a few errors can anyone tell me how to fix this so it works?

    * im trying to do this to allow mulitiple choices it wont tske it a i dont know...
  6. Re: This program works but Want to improve

    i was thinking about doing such maybe giving the user the choice for all lower upper or mixed it would be an improvement, and i have used scanner before in a rock paper scissors game i was thinking...
  7. This program works but Want to improve

    my code is a very basic password generator i was wondering if i could do something to blow my computer science teachers mind away. this code only took about 25 minutes to right up i built the base...
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