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  1. [SOLVED] Re: Making a game for Mobile Phone

    ur too good 2 be good @admin( lol*100000000000).if u still wnt a tutorial for writing java applications for all phones,show interest i will give u d link@anyone
  2. Re: How to Get your computers name and IP address

    Yea rite.Tanks
  3. Re: finding location of ipaddress

    Yeah ur rite admin.
    But have dis.This is a small test program for the IPv6 reverse lookup functionality. IPv4 reverse lookup test:

    # java lookupAndReturn
    IPv6 reverse lookup...
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    Re: hello all

    Tanks@admin.Sure i will@chris...I l0ve dis site
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    hello all

    helol new to this site though not new to java programming but wishes to learn more.tanks t o the great staffs and am i welcome???lol
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