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  1. Re: Using Queue, cannot find symbol method enqueue

    Thank you, the problem that I found in my main was that I was not calling the instantiated object followed by the method.
    Object is of type Queue, named q1
    Method is enqueue()

    my code...
  2. Thread: erase

    by firebluetom

    Re: erase

    Your code will always print an extra " + ", you can't just erase it.
    You can fix this by putting in an if() statement to check if there is more numbers to output.

    if(c == 49){ // int i=c; will...
  3. Using Queue, cannot find symbol method enqueue

    Hello, I have taken only some programming and am just beginning to really learn some little more advanced Java. When I was programming this I took some code I was supplied with and modified it.
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