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  1. Re: Reading Race Results from a text file in Java

    Hi Charles,

    Firstly let me thank you for a well formatted question!

    OK, now I will try to explain some changes which will help you.

    You only need one isInteger function, and within that...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Need help with fixing an error dealing with interface implementation

    Hi jc,

    You need to actually have the function definition match that of the interface. So you should change from Fraction in the parameters and return to Object.

    Or, perhaps a smarter solution...
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    Re: Can't find the out put

    Hi Javab4,

    Please read the forum announcements which tell you how to ask a question, and demonstrate how to post code snippets ( using code tags ). Then please edit your post to reflect your...
  4. [SOLVED] Re: JNI CallStaticVoidMethod crash when Java variables declared outside method

    Hi SGARCH,

    By the looks of things you are invoking CallStaticVoidMethod on a Non-Static method. This should be erroneous.

    Change this to be CallVoidMethod, and you might have more luck. Looks...
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    Re: GUI Builder.

    This is argue-able. If you take the time to configure the NetBeans GUI builder, and then still use layouts within the GUI builder, as you should! Then actually they are capable of producing pretty...
  6. Re: Searching ArrayList for a name?

    Hi JavaCloud.

    if (member.getName().equals(name)); <---- Stray semi colon!

    Best Regards,

  7. Re: Read Textfile from server, memory issue

    Ensure you close all of the connections, it's hard to see what is going on without knowing the full code. Due to the nature of the problem, I am guessing threads are also involved
  8. Re: Read Textfile from server, memory issue

    Check what is going on with garbage collection? Are you creating and deleting lots of objects?
  9. Thread: Hi all :)

    by Freaky Chris

    Re: Hi all :)

    Welcome to Java Programming Forums :)
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    Re: Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to Java Programming Forums Mistriver21!

    Hopefully we can help you out with any problems you and you friend have. Be sure to try and help others out too :)

  11. Re: How to call a static method within a static method in the same class?

    It looks to me like you have designed this poorly, it seems to me that tune() should probably NOT be a static method of Instrument, but just a standard method. But in regards to the way you are doing...
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    Re: Working with methods and constructors

    If you have an object X and call the constructor of object X it creates a new instance of object X and returns it to you. You can call methods on this object such as add and subtract if you implement...
  13. Re: Converting a piece of C# code to Java (unsigned longs, etc)

    In Java a Long is a signed 64 bit value, and Java doesn't offer an unsigned version of this as they believe unsigned integers to be wrong, the only unsigned data type is a char.

    Also you do not...
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    Re: Execution time varies ridiculously

    If you can run this in NetBeans if you run it through the NetBeans profiler you will be able to see when the GC gets called by the massive change in allocated memory etc. You can also manually...
  15. Thread: welcome

    by Freaky Chris

    Re: welcome

    Welcome to Java Programming Forums Erick!

    It's our pleasure to have you here.

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    Re: Jar File to executable file

    Compile you code as an executable jar then you can just run java -jar MyJar
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    Re: Execution time varies ridiculously

    Another possible point to consider is the state of the JVM. From what I can gather it sounds like you are running a fairly large application with many timings, and along side that it looks like you...
  18. Re: Sending commands through Java to Terminal

    Please look at the links below, the first is to Java 7 Runtime, which includes the exec function. This returns a Prcoess object (shown in the second link) from this you can retrieve input and output...
  19. Re: [Beginner Java] Returning a variable from mothod problem

    It should be returning just fine. But to me it looks like you are not storing that value that is returned and using it.

    int myInt = myFunction();


  20. Re: add and increment array elements by arraycopy

    You could probably drastically cut that time down by using an iterator to loop through the array list rather than get(<index>).

    Also may I see your JNI Implementation?

    After that you are pretty...
  21. Thread: Hey Guys!

    by Freaky Chris

    Re: Hey Guys!

    Welcome to Java Programming Forums!

    Java is a good choice for a language to learn. I started with C++ about 8 years ago now, and now I am a solid Java Programmer, I have just finished University...
  22. Re: Sending commands through Java to Terminal

    But my point is that you can call "java [path]" from Runtime.exec or a more advanced method. Rather than needing to launch a terminal and the send commands to the terminal.
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    Re: How to make .wav player in java

    Hi beansnbacon,

    yes this is possible take a look at the following links:

    AudioInputStream (Java Platform SE 6)
    AudioSystem (Java Platform SE 6)
    Clip (Java Platform SE 6)

    If you are...
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    Re: Getting a random Yes Or No

    Hi Mangos64,

    Yes you can do this with Java, using the java.util.Random class:

    Random (Java Platform SE 6)

    Your logic is sound, this will work perfectly in java as well as lua.

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    Re: greetingS to all of you !

    Welcome to Java Programming Forums.

    Hopefully not only will you learn, but you will share knowledge to help others learn.

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