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    Re: Object creation question

    UDP is a wireless packet protocol. Naming rules for classes apply to all classes. This object is probably referring to a referent object of that class.
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    Re: Code please

    Use conditional statement.

    //declare a variable

    if(str==str1) {
    //do something here

    //another variable not true
  3. [SOLVED] Re: How to accept only integer value ?

    Hello Philippines! Declaring variables, fields, and methods that accepts the required datatype is the solution. Type in the values in your program to get the result.
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    A word on constructors

    Consider a constructor that takes an object parameter and changes it. Meaning the object's state changes. Or the attribute changes. In the class file

    package essentials.ch08;

  5. Re: how does file upload works? how does the file travels to the server

    There are two kinds of signals, analog and digital signals. The circuitry is digital signals. Radio frequency signals are analog. Microprocessor chips are digital signals. The high tech are all...
  6. Re: How to restore lost programs from netbeans?

    I use netbeans also. But unfortunately I need a new browser. The crossbow browser let me down. I can try downloading a free version on IE 10 or chrome, but still haven't gotten around to doing...
  7. Re: Where to add ActionListener for JButton

    ImageIcon is from another class file. java.awt.*; java.lang.*; javax.swing.*; These are the three packages I think you meant to use. It inherits the java.lang.Object class. MediaTracker is the...
  8. Program FreeCopy class and showing memory allocation

    public final class FreeCopy {
    FreeCopy local;

    FreeCopy getOne() {
    return this;
    //this let's the called method refer to its own object
    public static void...
  9. Re: The problem about java multiple inheritance

    An interface is an object or abstraction of a class file. Say, in real life you have an abstract idea, animals, trees, people. These ideas are broken down into either birds or land animals. Then it...
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    Re: exercice program to solve

    Portable document format, .pdf files.
  11. Re: Java, Using an ArrayList to store User Input

    import javax.swing.*; Name a package to put this file within public range, so it is accessible from outside the package. Access modifiers will let you know where the method calls are coming from...
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    Re: Japplet question (java)

    Thanks. Testing programs for a chat sessions of which is familiar to a lot of users already.

    //java applet and a textbox
    //import your own selected package below
    //skeleton class file...
  13. Re: How to adjust an ActionListener for two buttons

    This looks similar to a chat session. Only it is a two way one to one communication between a sender and a receiver. It will be run over windows OS, just like a chat session would operate. This...
  14. Re: Is there an API to call the .rpt file

    can you convert it to pdf first? What is an rpt file? Windows. Yes.
  15. Re: Java USB API for USB 2.0 on windows 7

    write it down first, then go get them...! USB number
  16. Re: what is wrong with my code- Multithread

    ExecutorService is the class file that failed for the first few threads. The java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService class. It could be no association between declared methods, or method calls for an...
  17. Re: Need help for understanding the Program

    You wanted all callers to get a reference to the same object, target. Synchronized is the declared keyword that evaluates this event.
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    Re: Using Threads with Swing

    The subclass should have a paint method. The abstract object class is the class allowing the reference object class to inherit drawing capabilities. This subclass should have methods that directly...
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    Re: please provide code for this

    You mean if the object and the string objects are equal? casting an object as a reference type string. It can be converted to another datatype too, type int.
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    Re: JFRAME button integration

    So, you want to make a spreadsheet on JFrame, but use buttons or JButtons to toggle back and forth on another location of the sheet? I do not think you can integrate java functions with an excel,...
  21. Re: How to add buttons under the menu bar

    Set it in the constructor of your class. public MainClass() { } Also your naming rules should comply to standard programming styles. I recommend a book by David Flanagan, Java, In a Nutshell. It...
  22. Re: Updating a JTextField from an Event

    This is known as up to 3 significant figures. an integer, to a floating or double, 0.0f, and lastly 0.0x. The last significant figure of a number 1.00 will have to be expanded. The values for java...
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    Re: Java- Applets

    Did you see any examples of chat sessions? It could be anywhere from 100 to 500 lines of code for a simple chat session. What have you seen so far, where have you looked? Most chat sessions are...
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    Re: Java lock condition priority

    Thanks. I saw the getName() method in the thread and the index of setPriority on the incoming threads. It goes in sequential order of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest priority.
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    Re: wait() and notify()

    This means the thread will be terminated, if the thread threw an InterruptedException. Just terminated.
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