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    search for specific line in the file

    Hello Friends
    While am reading a file in java i would like to print some specific lines like which shows the path and file name(eg :/ posaa/ file / hii.txt).
    it has to print the as many lines as...
  2. Comparing two log files ignoring the lines

    Hello Friends,
    am trying to compare two log files using java, but in that comparision i would like to ignore some lines which strats with Rate, start, stop....etc.

    and i would like to compare...
  3. Seaching a string and date in a different logfiles

    Hello Friends,

    Here am trying to search string or date in logfile. exactly dont know how to start please help me on this.
    which technology is most advisable (servlets, hybernate or any other ) in...
  4. Thread: Hello Friends

    by Rajitha

    Hello Friends

    Hello Friends

    Nice to meet you all in this forum. Hope i will learn more from this :)
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