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    Re: java graphical interface game

    Apples to Oranges. Those 14-16 year old boys didn't have fabrication facilities most likely to follow through. 14-16 year old boys these days have access to all of the tools to be successful at...
  2. Re: Big O notation... can you check my answers for each code segment?

    O(log n) would basically be if each iteration you are dividing the remaining elements in half (i.e.- traversing a binary search tree). So an example of something that would look like O(log n) in a...
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    Re: How to find the time complexities

    When looking at the complexity of code, you have to think, for a set of n elements, how long does this take to execute. Hint: the answer is not a fixed number. Hint#2: the number of lines in a loop...
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