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    Problem in connection

    i am not able to connect my jsp page to sql server..
    please help me
  2. [SOLVED] How to start server file in browser when first player requset to play game?

    i am developing two player game using applet.
    my Question is:-
    i want to start "" file when , when first user request the page containing game applet from my website. (i am joining...
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    [SOLVED] Convert applet servletcode

    hello ,
    i am college student doing my final year project..
    we are developing two/four player Online Carrom Game.
    our website is ready, but we developed game but using applet.
    in that we have to...
  4. Re: Help with making classes as a variable type!

    According to me,
    i think You are passing object of the Dragon class in Knight constructor, you need variable of type Dragon class to hold that object.
    otherwise you can't hold value.
    int Dragon...
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